Monday, February 8, 2010

A Bit of Earth

A few days ago I went outside to get the pots and dirt from last year that are on our apartment balcony. My dear friend Monique gave me some seeds to plant and this year I wanted to get a good start. To my surprise two of the pots had already sprouted from last years seeds!

This is Cat Grass, which despite being something I don't plan on eating, it's a lot of fun. You can leave for a few hours, come back and see a noticeable difference in size. Watching the grass grow can be fun! I bought the seeds last year so my evil cat Baldar would have something to destroy. Unfortunately his plant-murdering lust was taken out on the rest of the seeds I started in 2009. A moment of silence for the lost souls.

This one I have no idea what it is. Time will tell. It's nice that I have a head start on whatever it is!

In a week or two I will be getting a plot at a church's community garden two miles from my apartment. I've started quite a few of the seeds and some have already sprouted.

What I have started:
Roma Tomatoes
Purple Basil
Lettuce Mix (this will stay in my window-sill or go since it likely will not deal with the heat very well)
Arugula (same as lettuce)

My window where it's all getting started.

Lettuce sprouts! There are more sprouting plants but they are quite hard to photograph.

There are more things I want to grow, but that's the seeds I have so far. I still want to get one or two more varieties of tomato, corn, squash, bell peppers, zucchini and cucumber. Soon as I get paid I'll be making a trip to the nursery.