Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Moon Swap!

My partner recieved her package and posted the pictures so I can finally share! Here are the goodies I sent my partner:

Here they are all together.

Twilight Apple Christmas ornaments

My version of Bella's hat from Twilight.

The original. I think I did a very good job replicating the hat with my pattern.

Crochet New Moon Rose that can be used as a broach or a hair thingy. Yes thingy is a technically tern.

It's a box! I hand painted the New Moon flower with Acrylics and sealed with a gloss spray that stunk way more than I expected it to. I aired it quite a while and you could still smell it on the inside. I think it'll be fine with a little more time to air out.

A joke, I found it at the dollar store. I wrote Bella Swan with sharpie..... poorly.

Made with real vampires. I also got a Jacob bar for me, but I ate him.

There is also the necklace with a glass flower pedant I found really pretty. The image of a flower of black reminded me of Twilight. But I forgot to take a close up, which was awesome of my memory considering it's the one thing you can barely see in the group photo. Go me! =D


Sunny Tuesday said...

You did a fantastic job on the hat and it fits perfectly! I LOVE all my stuff! :)

The Crafteteria's Cook said...

I'm so glad the hat fits, I was going to ask you on craftster. I'm so thrilled you like it all. ^_^

Allegra said...

What are the apples made of?

The Crafteteria's Cook said...

They are your run of the mill decorative apples from the crap store. Like the kind next to the rubber grapes that I would chew if no one was looking.

The Crafteteria's Cook said...

er... Craft store.. not crap store. It only took me til 2010 to realize that typo. DOH!

Anonymous said...

Hello i was just wondering where u got the apple ornaments. I've been going crazy looking for them.

Thank you 8)