Tuesday, February 16, 2010

50 Completed projects in 2010

One of my many goals for 2010 is to complete all those little craft projects that are almost done, but got put in a box and forgotten. Or all the projects I say I want to do, but haven't gotten around to doing yet. I also want to get my little [crappy] apartment more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing.

All these things sort of fit in together in the common crafter's goal of 50 projects in a year. I've been working on and off at this year and wanted to share my progress so far.

Bold= in progress
Green= finished

1. Vases Painting
2. Baldar the Fox painting.
3. The Rose, mixed media
4. The Purple Baby Sweater for a friend's baby. need to deliver it to them.
5. My Mom's birthday scarf
6. Homemade Granola
7. Illusion Scarf
8. Homemade tortillas (but I want to try again. It didn't turn out well)
9. Homemade Horchata. Came out perfect, except I wish I made more.
10. Gray Cabled Hat
11. Painting the corkboard
12. Ugg booties- crocheted
13. Forest Painting
14. Gualala painting- Start over!
15. Pin-Up Callender
16. The Ugly Scrap Knitted Quilt
17. 5 X 7 painting
18. 3 x 5 painting
19. Replace the back couch cushions with my own pillows.
20. Organize the closet. I know this isn't technically a craft, but a lot of my craft supplies are kept in the closet or at least should be!
21. Pasta from scratch!
22. Friends and Family inchies! Have all my close friends and family do a few inchies each to be placed on a mosaic-like piece of art.
23. Alter/Make clothes for my trip to Vegas.
24. Make a dress or top from fabric from my stash.

I'm a little behind as you can see from posting photos of quite a few of these. I'll probably update my list about once a month with links. I'm off to a good start! At 50 projects in a year, that means I need to have about one completed project a week. We're about 7 weeks into this year and I'm already 10 projects in, with even more in progress.

What are your craft related goals for 2010?


Andrea said...

Oh wow, great list!
Mine include:
1) Learn more knit stitches
2) Complete a crochet project from a pattern
3) Learn to knit cables
4) Knit a pair of socks

Anonymous said...

Retarded yarn