Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Moon Swap!

My partner recieved her package and posted the pictures so I can finally share! Here are the goodies I sent my partner:

Here they are all together.

Twilight Apple Christmas ornaments

My version of Bella's hat from Twilight.

The original. I think I did a very good job replicating the hat with my pattern.

Crochet New Moon Rose that can be used as a broach or a hair thingy. Yes thingy is a technically tern.

It's a box! I hand painted the New Moon flower with Acrylics and sealed with a gloss spray that stunk way more than I expected it to. I aired it quite a while and you could still smell it on the inside. I think it'll be fine with a little more time to air out.

A joke, I found it at the dollar store. I wrote Bella Swan with sharpie..... poorly.

Made with real vampires. I also got a Jacob bar for me, but I ate him.

There is also the necklace with a glass flower pedant I found really pretty. The image of a flower of black reminded me of Twilight. But I forgot to take a close up, which was awesome of my memory considering it's the one thing you can barely see in the group photo. Go me! =D

Monday, November 9, 2009

Racoon Suit Mario Chart

I made this chart for a project I did a few years back, but I'd thought I'd share it for others to use too.

For the crocheted mario pillow I made, each pixel is two double crochet. This could also be used for cross stitch if you're into that kinda thing. Be sure to share anything you make with it.

Which do you like better from SMB3: The Raccoon Mario or Fire Mario?

Which do you prefer?

My swap partner received her package, so soon as she post her pictures I'll share mine on here. Until then: I painted the frame of my Grin Fandango painting silver. I think it looks better but I'm not sure.

The New look

The Old Look

What do think? Which frame looks better?

More Hats

I sent off my New Moon swap package on Saturday (a day late... always a day late on that stuff. ugh) and I'm excited to share what I made soon as my swap partner receives it. Until then: HATS! Bon appetit!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crocheted Hat

Here's what I made on my blogging hiatus. Bon appetit!

I look suspicious. Is someone about to steal my awesome new hat?

My hair isn't messy, it's just windy.
Yes...windy. Really it is. COUGH COUGH HACK COUGH.

Also, this photo makes my apartments look nice. Really it's just a sunny day and an out of focus backdrop.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet the Flintstones!

Hey everyone I'm back! After a few months working crazy hours at a terrible job I finally have free time again and that means more crafting! Of course, I have been crafting all along, just no time to share it all!

Saturday was Halloween and I take every chance I get to make a costume. My amazing boyfriend Shipoopi agreed to go with me as the Flintstones! I made the costumes myself using my own pattern. I even made the obnoxiously large rock necklace out of carved floral foam.

I've made a few hats already for the coming fall pictures soon to come! Also I've in a New Moon craft swap, and once that's over I'll show you all what I made for my partner. Also another WIP soon to be finished for my friends birthday. I'll give you a hint of what it is it's a little spooky and there is more there than meets the eye!