Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Granny Square Rainbow

Granny Square Rainbow
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When I made this I had a ton of cheapo left over acrylic yarn in so many colors that I had no idea what to do with them! I had different amounts of each color and wanted a creative way to use most of them up. I wanted the colors to make sense, not just whatever color I had thrown together without care. It'd look pretty crazy with all those bright colors.

What I came up with was each diagonal row would have two colors, and any row it was next to would have a color in common. The colors would blend into each other and the colors I have the most of would be the longest rows in the center. The only thing I wish I changed was making it a bit bigger.

Until this project I hadn't used granny squares at all in a completed project. They are quick to wip up, but they've been abused so much over the years. I think granny squares are associated with cat ladies with moldy little apartments, so I steared clear. I like this one though and quite a few I've seen turning up at craftster.org, and they seem hip, colorful and stylish.

What do you think? Should the granny square be left to grandmas or can the new generation of crafters revitalize it into a new golden granny age?


Brittaleigha said...

I like it! I wouldn't have known it was a granny thing.

The Crafteteria's Cook said...

In the 60s and 70s granny squares were all the crocheting rage. They created hot little numbers like this: http://web.archive.org/web/20020214125158/http://www.cei.net/~vchisam/groovy/24-22.html

C. said...

Hey gril! I love your Crafteteria, it is well-run, the chef is creative to the point of genius, the food for thought is delicious, the variety of offerings superb.

OK enough with the metaphor.

I too have found Granny Squares to be ubiquitous and offensive. I think their prevalence has to do with the "easy" factor. I'm sure many grannies do Granny Squares but I think younger people do too.It's a gateway drug!

Now, your Granny Square quilt-the difference from most of the objectionable quilts is your exquisite sense of color and composition. Not many have that- the true artist does - and so you are.

Wish I had a pic of the quilt my paternal grandmother and grandfather made. Yes, my grandfather joined in, on the other end! Good example of the adage, "The couple who plays together, stays together.It was a crocheted quilt and the colors were bright, saturated with color. It was diagonal stripes and I remember black was an important element. My sister took it and left the more sentimental flowery pastel one for me. Curses.

Regards, Chris Miller aka Al's mom

perigrineseyrie said...

I love this!