Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mercury Free Sushi

My friend Monique's baby shower was this weekend. She's a fan of sushi but hasn't had any in months because she's worried about heavy metals in the fish. So I decided for the potluck dish I'd bring mercury free sushi made from candy. Bon appetit!

Didn't get there in time for a picture of all of them.

The first kind is your classic sushi roll. Made with fruit rolls instead of seaweed, rice crispy treets instead of rice and gummy worms instead of tuna. The second is sushi roll with fish eggs. Once again fruit rolls filling in for seawead, twistlers cut up to look like fish eggs and marshmallows instead of rice. The third is nigiri, with swedish fish candy playing the role of real fish. I did make the rice crispies from scratch just because it's easier that way.

The candy sushi was a big hit and I even put a little card that said "Mercury Free Sushi"


Britt said...

This is really awesome!!!

The Crafteteria's Cook said...

Thanks a lot! I should make some more you.

Britt said...

Terri says, "Candushi"

The Crafteteria's Cook said...

can-douchie. Real appetizing Terri!