Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because Ed Hardy is cluttered and expensive

My best friend Alex's 21 birthday was last month and I made her this purse. I painted the heart, and my other close friend Chloe sharpied "Alex" on there in a cute tattoo-esque font. Bon appetit!

Modeled by me, and I am not pregnant... it's just a weird angle.

If you're wondering why the flurry of posts, I wanted to update before I leave on my impromptu Vegas holiday with my sisters. VEGAS BABY!


Anonymous said...

Hey! That's my bag! The strap started breaking, so I need you to resew it, if you would. That's the only reason I stopped using it.

TheCrafteteria said...

Aww... fail!

I'll fix it. I probably should've quadruple reinforced it with how large the bag is.