Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Look and Friends Inchies Art

I'm back from my sickness induced break, and even have a new layout! The new look is from Deluxe Templates. If you use blogger you'll love them. They have tons of great templates and even ones suited for specific types of blogs. I'm not being paid to endorse this, just wanted to share a great resource for bloggers.

I didn't get much crafting done but I did want to share something I made and forgot about. Around the holidays, three of my close friends and I did art on inchies. If you aren't familiar with inchies, they are tiny 1 X 1 inch squares for mini art. What you do with them when you're done is up to you but I decided to make more art for our apartment.

This project is a trial run for a larger project. I hope to get all of my closest friends and family to do some inchies and then combine them like this for art in my house. I think inchies are a really fun medium for creativity. Even people who aren't artists can fill up a 1 x 1 inch square and they are super quick to make.

Have you ever collaborated for a creative project?


Megan White said...

I'm curious about this project... how did you decorate them? and material are the squares made out of?

Sarah Jane at The Crafteteria said...

I used a ruler and some heavy paper from an art pad and cut them into one inch squares. Used a mixture of acrylic paint and color pencils for the art. I painted the canvas black and used mod podge to glue it on.

Arae said...

Ah, nice work! I love the way this looks. That's something I would be very interested in doing myself.

Your blog is pretty amazing!

the north face said...

I like,that's a sign of a good blog post.