Sunday, June 14, 2009

My New Best Friend

To all my friends: You've been replaced!

Meet my new best friend, the fat form.

Our cat recently escaped into the outside world were he was replaced by an alien replica who is seriously overacting. Our cat isn't that nice.

All kidding aside, here is the story: Today I went to Lowes to buy duct tape to make a duct tape dress form. After that me and my awesome boyfriend Rick headed to Gottschalks, a department store that you've never heard of, that I also used to work at. It's going out of business so we wanted to pick up some cheap towels. While we were there I saw that 2 cloth covered dress form fixtures that tragically stickers labeled "SOLD". That was when I went on an obsessive manicanhunt to find another. After wondering around we finally found someone who took us to the back were I shouted "Hey!!! THEY HAVE A FAT ONE!" Because I'm classy. The plus sized one was very close to my measurements, (which is great. I'm a size 12. Aparently 12 is plus sized even though plus size sections start at 14-16 usually) I just need to give it a boob job.

Making a duct tape dress form would've been a pain. I'm glad I found this.

So $40 + tax later I'm the proud owner of my very own dress form. HURRAY!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Found you through Scrapscene: the who's who of scrapbooking. They showed your beautiful coffee filter flowers. Can't wait for school to be over to try them! Also, it's nice to know that there are other crafters (In your case, excellent crafters) that are also named Sara-Jane. I'm across the country in Massachusetts. There is another Sarah Jane here. She has Sarah Jane's Studio. She is a Stampin' Up rep and a wonderful artist. You might enjoy her web site. Have a great day. I'll be checking in periodically to see your lasted creations. Thanks Sara-Jane

Emily said...

Awesome! I wanna dress form!!! You're cool! Baulder likes it! I wanna try your roses.